July 2006
Hans Zimmer and Pirates of the Carribean
Interesting (though typical) discussion about the use of virtual orchestra music in the movie.
A review that does not like the music
Another review that does.

Jan 2005
NBC Producer Chooses Virtual Orchestra Over Real
NBC Drama Medium uses Kirk Hunter Concert Strings

December 2002
Virtual-Orchestra Maestro
Electronic Musician Article (subscription) about Jerry Gerber, composer, and his use of MIDI as his compositional art form.
Jerry's Web Site

The Virtual Orchestra Story
By Malcolm Messiter
The story of how a classical oboist fell in love with music technology and how it could be used to good effect.
"...The result was disturbingly good - especially for a traditional professional musician. It's usually possible for an educated musician to tell our "synth" version from an acoustically recorded version, but sometimes the difference is not really in favour of the acoustic version. "